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Welcome to CSI Forever Online.

This is the website for all things CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
(Las Vegas only) from 2000 to infinity.
We hope to carry on the torch from GSRFO and many other sites
about CSI that are no longer active.

Please Join! It's Free, Fun, and Simple.

This is your site too. We post the Latest News about CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,
the cast, the characters, the episodes and more.

This is a friendly and welcoming home for FanFiction authors and CSI lovers from all over the world. We host the Fan Fiction of the Year Awards. We have news, spoilers, cast bios, character bios, games, artwork, videos, fan fiction challenges, photos and screenshots,
and lots more in progress!


2015 CSIFO Fan Fiction Awards
Winners Announced

Congratulations to all of our
winners and nominees


CSI "Immortality - Behind the Scenes"
Susan Dietz (Calim11)

CSI "Immortality - Behind the Scenes"


All the cast and execs


New Night, New Season by vida blue
Welcome. Take a look!

CSI Forever Online
Table of Contents

CSIFO JOY DEPT. Star......CSI: The ExperienceGolden Grissom tBNA (for piccolina789)They Are CSI by Bars_Nowar

Chapter One: Member Message Board
CSIFO Member Message Board
Messages posted and read by all
(started by ILoveJorja, maintained by all of you!)



Chapter Two
Member Welcome Center
and Site Guide
Welcome to CSI Forever Online. What's New?

Welcome to CSIFO - What's new?
(1)New Member? Need Help? Here it is.
New member? Need a help? Here it is

Chapter Two (Subchapters)
Two (A)
CSIFO's First Birthday
(by oct2565 and ILoveJorja)
2 Years Old.........More Ballons
CSIFO'S Second Anniversary
CSIFO 2nd Anniversary
Facebook Event page CSIFO's 2nd Birthday
(by oct2565 and ILoveJorja)

CSIFO's Third Anniversary

CSIFO Third Birthday Party
(hosted by oct2565)
Featuring Video and Testimonials by Calim11

Celebrating Three Years of CSIFO
and the 1000+ Members from 57 countries
of the CSIFO Facebook Group

Facebook Event Page
hosted by ILoveJorja

Two (B)
Golden Grissom Awards
Golden Grissom Awards
(by ILoveJorja and Bars_Nowar)

Two (C)
When Members Meet
When Members Meet
(by oct2565)

Two (D)
CSIFO Memorials
CSIFO Memorials

(by oct2565)

Two (E)
To Do List: Site Development Planning Page
(by Bars_Nowar)
To Do List: Site Development Planning Page

Chapter Three:
Latest CSI News

Latest CSI News
by Editor In Chief ILoveJorja/ Managing Editor victorytheatre

the Best Daily CSI Newspaper on the web!
Two Columns:
What's New With CSI: Crime Scene Investigation?
What's New With The Cast?

Three A.
News Archives

News Archives
Archived Monthly since Oct 25 2008

Three B.
Latest CSI News UK Edition

http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/3/C5Muae9YvsYReWTZEk1Amg285189Latest CSI News UK Edition
started July 5, 2012. by oct2565

Three C.
Foreign Press
(inactive, seeking editors in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and French)


Immortality banner
banner by sidle77
Chapter Four:
(by Calim11, billyjorja, victorytheatre, and ILoveJorja

Chapter will be moved to the end of Episode Guide once complete
CSI Series Finale 16x1 'Immortality'
Four A. Spoilers and Photos
CSI Series Finale: 16x1
Four B. Artwork
CSI-Immortality- Artwork, Vids, etc.
Four C. News Articles and Opinions
News Articles about the Finale and CSI's End

Chapter will be moved back under Contests, Challenges, Awards and More, subset to Fan Fiction of the Year Awards after the Awards are Announced.

Chapter Five:
CSIFO FanFiction Challenges

CSIFO Fan Fiction Challenges

2015-FF Challenge-How Does it All End
June 2015 "How It All Should End"
(by Calim11)

Dec - February 2015 "Nick's Exit"
(by Charlibubble)
June 2014 "Fix GSR" FF Challenge
(by ILoveJorja)
March 2014 "Extreme Weather" FF Challenge
(by Calim11)
February 2014 "Let the Games Begin" FF Challenge
(by Calim11)
January 2014 "I Resolve" FF Challenge
(by Calim11)
October 2013 "Have a Killer Halloween" FF Challenge
(by Calim11)
June 2013 FF Challenge
(by Calim11)
April- May 2013 "GSR at a Crime Scene" FF Challenge
by GotTea?
"Forget Me Not" Fan Fiction, Photos, and Artwork

by ILoveJorja
February 2013 Drabble Challenge
(by GotTea?)
December 2012 FanFiction Challenge
(by charlibubble)
Nov 2012 Fan Fiction Challenge
(by GotTea?)
August 2012 Fan Fiction Challenge
(by Calim11)
June Fan Fiction Challenge
(by CSIVegasRocks)

April 2012 FF Challenge
(by Calim11)
Jan/Feb 2012 FF Challenge
(by CSIVegasRocks)
Dec 2011 Secret Santa FF Challenge
(by CSIVegasRocks)
Nov 2011 FF Challenge
(by Calim11)
Our First! Ch-ch-Changes FF Challenge Sept 2011
(by CSIVegasRocks)

Chapter Six: The Story of CSI

The Story of CSI
The Story of CSI
(by victorytheatre & oct2565 & Cleide55)
Five A.
Anatomy of a TV Hit: CSI

Five B.
Creator, Producer, Showrunners

Five C.
Writers of CSI

Five D.
CSI: Most Watched Show in the World

Five E.
CSI: Behind the Scenes

Five F.
CSI Paley Center videos

Five G.
CSI Cast's PSA

Five H.
CSI Humor

Five I.
CSI Articles

Five J.
CSI-The 100 Episode Party

Five K.
CSI--200 Episode

Five L.
CSI- 250 Episode

Five M.
CSI--300 Episodes

Five N.

GSR: The Grissom Sara Romance
N 1. GSR: Season By Season
N2. Flirting: Season By Season
N3. GSR On the Rocks (by ILoveJorja)
N4. 3rd Draft "Pilot" Script

Five O
Future of CSI
(by victorytheatre)
Future of CSI

Five P
Immortality, CSI Movie

Marg, Billy, and Jorja at Paley Center Salute to CSI

PaleyFest Special Event: Salute to CSI
(by oct2565)
PaleyFest Special Event: Salute To CSI

Chapter Seven: Cast Bios

Cast Bios
(by victorytheatre)
Six A. The Original Cast

1. Billy Petersen

Billy Petersen Bio
Billy's Walk of Fame
Billy's Written Interviews
Billy's Video Interviews
Billy Articles
Billy's Appearance
Billy's Theatre Work
Billy's Movies
Billy's Television Appearances
Billy's Projects
Billy and Baseball
Billy and THAT shirt

2. Marg Helgenberger

Marg Helgenberger Bio
Marg's video interviews
Marg's written interviews
Marg Says Goodbye
Friends Say Goodbye to Marg
Marg's WOF Star
Marg in the Theatre

3.Gary Dourdan

Gary Dourdan
Gary's video interviews
Gary's written interviews
Gary's music videos
Gary's television history
Gary's Movies

4. George Eads

George Eads Bio
George's video interviews
George's Written Interviews
George's Television History
George's Movies
Good-Bye to George

5. Jorja Fox
by ILoveJorja
Jorja Fox Bio
Jorja's Written interviews
Jorja's video interviews
Jorja's Television History
Jorja's Movies
Jorja's Interests (videos)
(1)"How I Became An Elephant"
Jorja's Cause: The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (by ILoveJorja)
(1) How ILoveJorja Met Jorja) 11/4/11
Causes in Jorja's Name
Jorja The Supermodel

Jorja's Facebook Pages

6. Paul Guilfoyle

Paul Guilfoyle Cast Bio
Paul's video interviews
Paul's written interviews
Paul's Movies

Seven B. Main Cast Additions By Season
Main Cast Additions By Season

B. 1. Eric Szmanda
Eric Szmanda
Eric's Video Interviews
Eric's Written Interviews
Eric's Movies

B. 2. Robert David Hall
Robert David Hall Bio
Robert's Video Interviews
Robert's Written Interviews
Robert's Movies
Robert's Television History

Robert's Causes
Robert's Honors

B. 3. Louise Lombard
Louise Lombard bio
Louise's Video Interviews
Louise's Written Interviews

B. 4. Wallace Langham
Wallace's Bio Page

B. 5. Laurence Fishburne
Laurence's Bio Page
Laurence's Video Interviews
Laurence's written Interviews

B. 6. Lauren Lee Smith
Lauren's Bio Page
Lauren's Video Interviews

B.7. David Berman
David's Bio Page
David's Written Interviews
David's Video Interviews

B. 8. Liz Vassey

B.9. Ted Danson
Ted Danson Bio
Ted's written interviews
Ted's video interviews
Ted's TV history
Ted's movies

B.10. Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth's Bio page
Elisabeth's Written Interviews
Elisabeth S. Video Interviews

B.11. Elizabeth Harnois

Elisabeth Harnois Bio Page
Elisabeths' Written Interviews
Elisabeths' Video Interviews

B.12. Jon Wellner

Chapter Seven C: Supporting Cast

(by victorytheatre)

C (1) Lab Rats Past and Present

Lab Rats Past and Present

Six C (1a) Gerald McCullouch
Gerald Bio page
Gerald's written interviews
Gerald's Video Interviews
Comedy and Singing Videos
Gerald's Movies
Gerald's Theatre Work
Gerald's Other TV Work

Gerald's Awards

Time Square Gossip

C.(2) Chain of Command
Chain of Command
Detectives and LVPD
Recurring Guest Stars
Serial Killers

C (3)
Celebrity Guest Stars
(by charlibubble)

C (4)
We Saw Them First on CSI (by charlibubble)

C (5 )
CSI Cast on other TV Shows (by charlibubble)

C (6)
CSI: Returning Guest Stars
(by oct2565)

Chapter Eight: Episode Guide
Eight A. Episode Guide
Episode Guide

(by Calim11, billyjorja, ILoveJorja.)

All Seasons
(by Calim11 and billyjorja)
Season 1 (2000-2001)

Season 2 (2001-2002)

Season 3 (2002-2003)

Season 4 (2003-2004)

Season 5 (2004-2005)

Season 6 (2005-2006)

Season 7 (2006-2007)

Season 8 (2007-2008)

Season 9 (2008-2009)

Season 10 (2009-2010

Season 10 Episodes and Spoilers
Season 10 Episodes and Spoilers

Season 11 (2010-2011)

Season 11 Episodes and Spoiler
(1) Season 11 Screencaps

Season 12 (2011-2012)

Season 12 Episodes and Spoilers
Season 12 Episodes and Spoilers
Discussion Threads for All S 12 Episodes

Season 13 (2012-2013)

Season 13 Episodes and Spoilers
Season 13 Episodes and Spoilers

Season 14 (2013-2014)
Season 14 Episodes and Spoilers

Season 15 (2014-2015)

Season 15 Episodes and Spoilers
(all by ILoveJorja)

Eight B: Alphabetical List of CSI Episodes
Alphabetical List of CSI Episodes
(by ILoveJorja)

Eight C: Complete List
Complete List
(by ILoveJorja)
artwork by Art Director Bars_Nowar

Eight D:
Series Finale (September 27, 2015)
(permanent home)

Chapter Nine:
Your Fan Fiction Profile Pages
Your Fan Fiction Profile Pages
(Organized by CSIVegasRocks, Dragonfly_Dancer, and HeartsandEyesDelight)
Added To By Members, Past and Present.

Chapter Ten: The Library

The Library:
The Library
(by ILoveJorja, CSIVegasRocks, Dragonfly_Dancer, Calim11)

Index to Fanfiction Sites
(by supervisorporn)
Children's Library
Teens and Young Adult Fiction
General Fiction
GSR Only

Our Favorite Funny CSI FF
(by everyone, idea & started by victorytheatre)

Sin City Stories Lounge
(NC-17) SMUT! stories by everyone, started by CSIVegasRocks)
ILoveJorja's FF Smut Stories (6/8/12)

Other Pairings (GSR Fans Beware)
Slash Lounge
(by everyone - started by Calim11)
Non-Fiction and Reference Books
(by everyone - started by Calim11)
(by everyone - started by Calim11)
Graphic Novels
(by everyone - started by Calim11)

GSR Videos with Dialogue

GSR with Music----Blossoms' Picks

gsrloveforever Videos


Chapter Eleven: Character Bios

Chapter Eleven:
Character Bios
(Started by HeartsandEyesDelight and PatiH)
2014 to present by MaryMel)

D.B. Russell
Catherine Willows
Nick Stokes
Sara Sidle
Greg Sanders
Morgan Brody
Gilbert Grissom
(1) Grissom Articles
(2) Grissom's Greatest (vids)
(introduced by William Petersen)
Warrick Brown
Ray Langston
Sofia Curtis
Riley Adams
Holly Gribbs
Mike Keppler
Ronnie Lake

Lab Rats
David Hodges
Archie Johnson
Mandy Webster
Henry Andrews
Kasey Monohan
Xiomara Garcia
Wendy Simms
Bobby Dawson
Mia Dickerson
Jacqui Franco
Ronnie Litre
Charlotte Meridian

Coroner's Office
Doc Robbins
David Philips

Dectectives and LVPD
Jim Brass
Lou Vartann
Sam Vega
Ray O'Reilly
Frankie Reed
Chris Caviliere
Cyrus Lockwood
Conrad Ecklie
Jeffrey McKeen
Brian Mobley
Rory Atwater
David Metcalf
David Fromansky
Andy Akers

Recurring Characters
Judy Tremont
Heather Kessler
Lindsey Willows
Eddie Willows
Sam Braun
Lily Flynn
Ellie Brass
Tina Brown
Hank Pettigrew
Terri Miller
Hank the dog
Kristy Hopkins
Marlon West
Jason McCann

Paul Millander
Nigel Crane
Natalie Davis
Nate Haskell
Syd Goggle
Kevin Greer
Tammy Felton
John Mathers
Todd Coombs
Charles DiMasa
Hannah West

Chapter Twelve:
Blossom's Puzzle Palace
Blossom's Puzzle Palace
(formerly CFO REC Room)
(started by Neelloc12,2013 to present by oct2565)

CSI Hangman
(by all)

Movie Quote Hangman
(by all)

Say What? Caption Game
(started by Neelloc12. Now run by oct2565)

Name That Screenshot
(by ILoveJorja and oct2565)

Small World
(created by peggy47 Now run by oct2565)

Fun With CSI Trivia
(by ILoveJorja)

Read Between the Lines
(created by peggy47 run by all)

Who Are You?
(created by peggy47 run by all)

Big Box of Picture Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles (hosted by victorytheatre and ILoveJorja)
With an (offsite) link to JigZone Puzzles with CSI screencaps

Chapter Thirteen:
The Art of GSR/CSI
(by Calim11, Vida_Blue, Bars_Nowar, and KeziahShahinesJames)
And All Our Art Directors

Videos YouTube Channel (2012)
.Artist Corner Vida_Blue
Artist Corner Bars_Nowar
Artist Corner - blu3crush
Artist Corner - SunniWillows

Artist Corner - sidle77
Artist Corner - slanway

Chapter Fourteen:
Contests, Challenges, Awards and More

Contests, Challenges, Awards and More
(by CSIVegasRocks, Calim11, Got Tea?, Hithui, ILoveJorja, Dragonfly_Dancer et al)
Artwork and Clickable Links by Bars_Nowar

The 2015 Fan Fiction of the Year Awards
by Calim11

The 2014 Fan Fiction of the Year Awards
by Calim11

hosted by Calim11

2014 FF Awards-Wordle1

artwork by Calim11
And the Award Goes To...

Check out Calim11's beautiful video on that page.


The 2013 Fan Fiction of the Year Awards
by Calim11
Eligible Story List
Nominations for Fiction of the Year
Final Ballot and link to Polls
And the Award goes to...

The 2012 Fan Fiction of the Year Awards
by ILoveJorja
2012 FFA
FFA Nominees

2011 GSR FF of the Year Awards
(by ILoveJorja)
(1) Polls for the 2011 GSR FFA

Writer's Block Busters
(by Dragonfly_Dancer)
(1) WBB - FanFiction

Art Challenges

(by ______)
(1) February Challenge

CFO FanFiction Challenges
(by ILoveJorja)
(1) November 2011
(2) December 2011
(3) Jan/Feb 2012
(4) April 2012
(5) June 2012
(6) October 2013

2012 Round Robin Challenge
(by Mysil)

Chapter Fifteen:
Your Opinion Place
(by CSIVegasRocks and ILoveJorja)

CSIFO Memorials

Last SubChapter of the "Book" of CSIFO
Captain's Log, Airdate...
(started by ILoveJorja 7/18/2012)

CSI Forever Online Home - CSI Forever Online

by oct2565 7/27/12


Jorja Fox: Online

How ILoveJorja Met Jorja

Our Second Sister Site (5/16/12)
BillyJorjaMedia by Sidle77

Our Third Sister Site (5/17/12)
William Petersen Appreciation Page

CSIFO Facebook Group Banner by Vida_Blue
CSIFO Facebook Group Banner by Vida_Blue

Facebook badge


Thank You For Stopping By credit Vida_Blue

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