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Cast: Ted Danson / Elisabeth Shue / George Eads / Jorja Fox / Eric Szmanda / Robert David Hall / Wallace Langham / David Berman / Elisabeth Harnois / Jon Wellner / Paul Guilfoyle
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14x15 Love For Sale
Episode #:310
Airdate:February 19, 2014

Director:Frank Waldeck
Writer:Andrew Dettmann

The Particulars
Mother pimping out daughters.
Missing bottle.
Out of town brothel.

Main Crime Scene:

A 16 year old girl, Debbie, is found dead in a car parked on the desert highway, there is evidence of sexual assault. Prints on the car lead to a restaurant worker who placed fliers on vehicles near a building. Nick and Greg discover the building is a brothel and when they search it they find a piece of glass in the “Western room” which matches a piece in Debbie's knee. The owner of the brothel says her bartender found Debbie dead in the parking lot and took her away from the area. Prints in the “Western room” belong to Debbie's father, Jim, a reverend who frequents the brothel. During the questioning of one of the prostitutes, Kristen, they find a piece of the same glass in her shoe. Jim reveals Kristen is his estranged daughter and his visits to the brothel were to try and convince her to change her lifestyle. Later Jim is found pointing a gun at Roger Ridley, a county supervisor, after Kristen tells Jim he assaulted Debbie. Roger confesses that Debbie's mother Carolyn arranged for him to have sex with her daughter. When incriminating evidence is found they confront Carolyn who admits to killing Debbie before she was able to go back to the brothel to get help from her father. Jim is upset to learn that Carolyn forced both their adopted daughters into prostitution.


The Poor Unfortunates
Victim(s)Debbie Logan.
Suspect(s)Jim Logan. Roger Ridley.
Killer(s)Carolyn Logan.

Guest Cast
Alimi Ballard
Det. Kevin Crawford
Jack Coleman
Jim Logan
John Heard
Roger Ridley
Rya Kihlstedt
Carolyn Logan
Tina Ivlev
Paul Telfer
Emiliano Torres
Ernesto Reno
Sherilyn Fenn
Madam Suzanne
Hannah Kasulka
Debbie Logan
Mindy Robinson
Rosemary Dominguez
Ridley's Assistant


Repeat Offenders
(appearing in more than one episode)

Alimi Ballard
Det. Kevin Crawford


Behind the Scenes
Song Title: Baby I'm Broken by The Record Company – heard when Nick and Greg are in the brothel.
Song Title:
Song Title:

And the winner is . . .

Episode Notes:
Although listed in the opening credits Jorja Fox and Paul Guilfoyle do not appear in this episode.


Madame Suzanne: Mm, brought a woman with you, huh, Detective? Is that so us gals can... relate? Finn: Oh, I doubt we have much in common. Madam Suzanne: Sex business make you uncomfortable? Finn: No, trafficking in young girls does do something bad to my stomach.


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